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Expert Drain Repair: JetaDrain in Shepperton and Weybridge

Professional Drain Excavation & Drainage Repairs for the Shepperton and Weybridge areas

There does come a time when a drain may need repairs, and these repairs sometimes mean excavation of the drain to establish the precise cause. However, with CCTV drain inspection, using the latest cameras, JetaDrain can demonstrate just how necessary a drain repair requires before digging up areas of your property.

When is a Drain Excavation & Repair Necessary?

Suppose the drain CCTV inspection report shows an area of drain that is wholly collapsed or cracked so badly it is unrepairable. In that case, drain excavation will be necessary to repair and rebuild the integrity of the drain structure. But this is always a last resort, and we will only excavate the minimum area to correct the drain. JetaDrain constantly endeavours to leave the excavation as neat as possible. In these circumstances, we replace the broken drain section with the latest materials to protect the chance of future collapse for years.

How can you make the Repair without Drain Excavation?

Modern technology has resulted in the development of robust materials that can be used to line the inside of the pipe, which are then sealed to prevent any leakage to the drain. These epoxy resin liners are moulded to exactly fit the drain by high-pressure air, a process called inversion. Up to 50 metres of drain can be repaired using these advanced drainage liners from a nearby access point or a small excavation to gain drain access. For more information, see our drain lining section below, or contact us for more details.

Need speedy assistance for your Drain Repairs?

JetaDrain is here to help! Call us on our landline at 01932 765892 or mobile at 07956 324822 - and ask Keith or Jayne for FAST, Reliable Drain Repairs from the Experts in Shepperton, Weybridge and Beyond!

Drain Re-Lining in Shepperton, Weybridge, Cobham, Staines, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, Ashford and Beyond!

Clogged drains let you down? There's a better way!

Traditional drain repairs often mean digging up your property, causing disruption and frustration. But with JetaDrain, there's no need for that!

We utilise cutting-edge rigid epoxy resin liners. These liners bond seamlessly to your existing pipes using a specialised inversion process. This creates a fast, durable, and trenchless solution for repairing damaged drains and sewer lines.

No digging required! We use state-of-the-art no-dig technology, ensuring minimal disruption to your property.

Get a free quote today! Call us at 01932 765892 and experience the JetaDrain difference!

Drain Re-lining Shepperton & Weybridge

What is a Drain Reliner, and how does it work?

Using drain re-liners, we can repair pipe sections up to 50 metres in length in one go. The liner is inserted into the pipe or sewer from the nearest access point. The liner is coated with epoxy-resin glue, which is then inflated by high-pressure air so that the liner bonds directly to the pipe walls to form a water-tight seal. This process is known as inversion, and as the bonding hardens, it fits the pipe like a hand-tailored suit.

What is No-dig Drain Technology?

No-dig technology is ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ because the liner can be installed through any drain access point. Therefore, except in rare cases, we do not have to excavate to repair the drain, saving time, cost, and mess. Drain relining is also the most convenient and efficient drain repair. This method can repair pipes from 100mm to 1.5m in diameter. We use patch liners for smaller pipes up to 60mm, which create a pipe within a pipe.

Need prompt assistance with your NO DIG Technology Drain Relining?
JetaDrain is here to help from start to finish! Call us on our landline at: 01932 765892 or mobile: 07956 324822 - and Keith or Jayne for FAST and Reliable Drain Repairs in Shepperton, Weybridge, Virginia Water and beyond!

Trading Standards with Surrey Council

JetaDrain Ltd, Shepperton, Surrey

Our company is approved for Trading Standards with Surrey Council.

We Offer Very Competitive Rates for Our Drainage Services in Shepperton, Weybridge & Cobham

Blocked Drain Weybridge & Shepperton

Unblocking Drain Services for Shepperton & Weybridge

Persistent blocked drains and pipes are a significant cause for concern. The sooner they are unblocked, the better to avoid further build-up of fat and debris. That’s why, wherever possible, we offer a SAME DAY service. Our vans are fully equipped with everything needed to unblock drains and pipes from high-pressure water jetting units, drain inspection CCTV, and a range of pumps, power plungers and rotary unblocking equipment.

Drain Repair Shepperton & Weybridge

Drain Repair Services for Shepperton & Weybridge

There does come a time when a drain may need repairs, and these repairs sometimes mean excavation of the drain to establish the precise cause. However, with CCTV drain inspection, using the latest cameras, JetaDrain can demonstrate just how necessary a drain repair requires excavating before digging up areas of your property.

Drain Cleaning Weybridge & Shepperton

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance for Shepperton & Weybridge

The most convenient, efficient and quickest way of clearing a blocked drain or pipe is high-pressure Water jetting. In most cases, it will not even require access to your property unless an internal drainage pipe needs clearing. All of our vans carry a high-pressure Water jetting unit, which can clear most blockages without any damage or the costlier intervention of the pipe.

CCTV Drain Survey Weybridge & Shepperton

CCTV Drain Surveys for Shepperton & Weybridge

We use the latest CCTV inspection cameras mounted on push-rods. Our CCTV cameras have integrated LED lighting heads so that we can produce a bright and precise video of the pipe being inspected.
These CCTV cameras allow us to accurately discover pinpoint breaches of the pipe or damage to its lining. 

Drain Engineer Weybridge & Shepperton


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Our Expert Drainage Services We Offer in
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  • Drain Cleaning & Unblocking:
    Unblocking Toilets, Sinks, Baths & Urinals
    Clearing Blocked Waste Disposal Units
    Drain Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Drain Repair & Maintenance:
    Drain Re-lining (No Dig Technology)
    Drain Excavation and Replacement
    Gully Clearing
    Fat and Grease removal in Drains
  • Drain Surveys:
    Comprehensive CCTV Surveys
    Drainage Surveys for House Buyers
    Drain Tracing using a Camera and Sonde
  • Preventative Measures:
    Prevent Rat Infestation in Drains

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Your One-Stop Shop for Expert Drainage Services in Shepperton & Beyond!

We offer a complete range of reliable drainage services for homes and businesses in Shepperton, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Virginia Water, Ashford, Cobham, and surrounding Surrey areas. We clear blocked drains FAST - guaranteed!

Here's why you should choose JetaDrain:

  • Fast & Guaranteed Drain Unblocking: No more waiting! We'll get your drains flowing freely again!
  • Free Quotes & No Call-Out Charges: Get a transparent quote upfront with no hidden fees.
  • Family-Run Business with Over 30 Years of Experience: We take pride in providing exceptional customer service.
  • Fast Response & Affordable Service: We'll get the job done quickly and at a competitive price.

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Blocked Sink? JetaDrain Unblocks THEM FAST!

Same-Day Sink Unblocking Service - Call JetaDrain Now!

Don't let a clogged sink cause stress! JetaDrain offers Fast Unblocking for Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks. We provide Same-Day Service with No Call-Out Fees!

  • FAST unblocking service for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, toilets, washrooms, and baths
  • SAME-DAY call-outs are available to address your blocked drains promptly
  • NO call-out fees for peace of mind
  • Competitive Prices ensure value for money
  • Expert and Experienced Staff providing professional and reliable service
  • Clean and Efficient Service with a commitment to hygiene and efficiency
  • Fast Response and Affordable solution for your drainage woes
  • Family-run Business with over 30 years with a customer-centric approach
  • Non-franchise Company ensuring consistent quality and personalised service

Call JetaDrain TODAY to get your sink unblocked FAST and flowing smoothly again.

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