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Clearing Drains Fast Shepperton & Weybridge

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance to Erase Blocked Drain Smells FAST

High-Pressure Water Jetting to Clear Drains FAST in Shepperton and Weybridge

The most convenient, efficient and quickest way of clearing a blocked drain or pipe is high-pressure Water jetting. In most cases, it will not even require access to your property unless an internal drainage pipe needs clearing. All of our vans carry a high-pressure Water jetting unit, which can clear most blockages without any damage or the costlier intervention of the pipe.

What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

Water jetting is a process by which a very high-pressure hosing system is inserted into a pipe or sewer, and Water under very high pressure is blasted into the pipe to clear away and disperse any debris that has been obstructing the pipe and which is then carried away by the main sewer or trapped and removed further down the drain and a later access point in the system. This drain and pipe clearance form is much cheaper than costlier interventions that might be required to clear a more stubborn or established blockage.

How often do Drains need High Pressure Water Jetting?

You may find that just that one treatment clears your drain permanently. Where there are intermittent blockages, we recommend having drains jetted regularly, say two or three times a year, to prevent blockages before they happen. In persistent cases of blockage, we will recommend a close inspection and perhaps drainage repairs or a program of more regular drain maintenance.

Need rapid help with your Drain Cleaning or Drainage Maintenance?
No problem, JetaDrain is here to help! Call us on our landline at 01932 765892 or mobile at 07956 324822 - Keith or Jayne - For FAST Drain Cleaning Solutions!

Regular Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Shepperton & Weybridge

There are occasions when it pays to have a regular drain cleaning and maintenance contract, particularly if your property suffers from recurring drainage problems due to flooding or location or if you operate commercial premises, like restaurants, where drains are in more regular use and where fat and grease deposits are likely to build up quicker then they would be in a standard drain. 

Unblocking Drain Weybridge

Drain Maintenance Services in Shepperton and Weybridge

Our Experienced Drainage Engineers provide FULL Drain Packages with Fast Solutions to suit your needs!

Depending on the type of maintenance contract you need, you can have a package that includes our recommended services, which are tailored to your type of property business, or a bespoke package where you choose what you feel your needs are specific. Because you are contracting to use our services regularly, the cost reflects discounts based on the frequency of your requirements.

Why have Regular Drain Cleaning?

If you have had a recurrent drainage problem, regular cleaning of the drain can help to ensure that that original costly problem does not reoccur, costing you more money in the long term. It ensures that debris, grease, fat, soap scum and other likely blockage causes do not occur before they are a problem or health hazard to your business. It also makes it much harder for rodents, like rats, to establish themselves in sewers and pipes. Face it – if your home were washed away every couple of months, you would look elsewhere to build a home where you can establish yourself more easily.

Contact us directly for more information or a drain cleaning and maintenance quote.

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Trading Standards with Surrey Council

JetaDrain Ltd, Shepperton, Surrey

Our company is approved for Trading Standards with Surrey Council.

JetaDrain Provides Professional Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Shepperton & Weybridge

Blocked Drain Weybridge & Shepperton

Unblocking Drain Services for Shepperton & Weybridge

Persistent blocked drains and pipes are a significant cause for concern. The sooner they are unblocked, the better to avoid further build-up of fat and debris. That’s why, wherever possible, we offer a SAME DAY service. Our vans are fully equipped with everything needed to unblock drains and pipes from high-pressure water jetting units, drain inspection CCTV, and a range of pumps, power plungers and rotary unblocking equipment.

Drain Repair Shepperton & Weybridge

Drain Repair Services for Shepperton & Weybridge

There does come a time when a drain may need repairs, and these repairs sometimes mean excavation of the drain to establish the precise cause. However, with CCTV drain inspection, using the latest cameras, JetaDrain can demonstrate just how necessary a drain repair requires excavating before digging up areas of your property.

Drain Cleaning Weybridge & Shepperton

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance for Shepperton & Weybridge

The most convenient, efficient and quickest way of clearing a blocked drain or pipe is high-pressure Water jetting. In most cases, it will not even require access to your property unless an internal drainage pipe needs clearing. All of our vans carry a high-pressure Water jetting unit, which can clear most blockages without any damage or the costlier intervention of the pipe.

CCTV Drain Survey Weybridge & Shepperton

CCTV Drain Surveys for Shepperton & Weybridge

We use the latest CCTV inspection cameras mounted on push-rods. Our CCTV cameras have integrated LED lighting heads so that we can produce a bright and precise video of the pipe being inspected.
These CCTV cameras allow us to accurately discover pinpoint breaches of the pipe or damage to its lining. 

Drain Engineer Weybridge & Shepperton


Mobile: 07956 324822
Telephone: 01932 765892

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We offer FULL drainage Services for Shepperton, Weybridge, Cobham and Surrounding Surrey

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Drain Excavation and Replacement
  • Clearing Waste Disposal Units and Traps
  • Drain Re-lining - No Dig Technology
  • Unblocking Drains, Baths, Toilets or Urinals
  • Comprehensive CCTV Surveys
  • Drainage Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Prevent Rat Infestation in Drains
  • Fat and Grease removal in Drains
  • Drainage Surveys for House Buyers
  • Gully Clearing
  • Drain Tracing using a Camera and Sonde

Telephone: 01932 765892
Mobile: 07956 324822

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With JetaDrain, you can be confident you have made the right move. Read our customers' testimonials on Trustpilot from Shepperton, Weybridge and Staines. You will be assured that you have chosen an expert drain company that cares about its drainage work and customers. 

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Telephone: 01932 765892
Mobile: 07956 324822

JetaDrain Ltd Shepperton Weybridge

Areas we Serve in Surrey

We offer fast Drainage Services in Shepperton, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, Ashford and also serve the following locations below:

  • Virginia Water GU25
  • Cobham KT11
  • Egham TW18
  • Esher KT10
  • Claygate KT10
  • Kew TW9
  • Oxshott KT10
  • Kingston upon Thames KT1
  • Chobham GU20
  • Ripley GU23
  • Woking GU21
  • Stanwell SL3
  • Laleham TW18
  • Lower Halliford TW17
  • Sunbury-on-Thames TW13
  • Addlestone KT15
  • Hersham KT11
  • Twickenham TW1
  • Windlesham GU20
  • Pyrford GU22
  • Surbiton KT5
  • Sutton KT17
  • Chertsey KT16
  • Byfleet KT14
  • West Molesey KT8
  • West Byfleet KT14
  • Staines KT15
  • Richmond KT2
  • Ockham GU23
  • Bagshot GU19

Don't pour Cooking Fat, Oil, or Grease down your Sink or down your Drain System

Get Your Blocked Sink Unblocked FAST and Reflowing with the PRO's: JetaDrain for Shepperton, Weybridge & Virginia Water Areas!

DON'T pour your cooking oil or grease down the Sink! It may seem the easiest option, but it can have serious consequences. Hot grease and oil can solidify and clog your pipes, causing costly drainage repairs. It can also contaminate waterways and harm wildlife.

The right way to dispose of cooking grease or oil:

  • Let it cool completely. Hot grease and oil can cause burns
  • Pour it into a sealed container. You can use an empty jar or can
  • Add absorbent material like kitty litter or coffee grounds. This will help solidify the grease
  •  Dispose of the container in the bin upright. Do not pour it down the drain!

Following these simple steps, you can help keep your drain pipes healthy, your environment clean, and your wallet fat-free.

Don't Let a Blocked Sink with Fat and Grease Ruin Your Day!

Call JetaDrain today for a FREE Competitive Quote, and we'll get your Blocked Sink flowing smoothly again. Telephone: 01932 765892 Mobile: 07956 324822 - Remember to ask for Keith or Jayne; you will get FAST, Reliable Drainage Solutions just a call away!

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